San Diego whale watching, snorkeling, and shark adventures. Beyond the ordinary.

An intimate charter experience away from the 'cattle-boat' crowds. You choose your adventure: snorkel at Coronado Islands or La Jolla Underwater Park, head offshore after whales and sharks, or simply cruise from above in comfort. Join a genuine ocean exploration tailored to your preferences, with personalized insights into San Diego marine life.

"Fulfilled my dream of seeing sea lions! The boat is very nice, snacks, lunch. Everything is amazing, I highly recommend it!

- Joy Augusto

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Options include La Jolla Underwater Park (5 hours), half-day offshore (6 hours), Coronado Islands (8 - 9 hours), and all-day offshore (10 hours). Private charter prices start at:


Our Boats


Humboldt (up to 24 guests)


  • Extra-large back deck, hardtop second deck
  • Enclosed cabin and galley
  • Double soup heaters
  • Metal benches and tables
  • Low-hanging double ladders
  • Bathroom with marine toilet
  • Outside hot-water shower
  • Onboard air compressor

Orion (up to 6 guests)


  • Extra-large back deck, open second deck
  • Fully enclosed cabin and galley
  • Soup heater/mini-fridge
  • Benches and table
  • Low-hanging ladder
  • Bathroom with marine toilet
  • Outside and inside hot-water showers
  • Bathroom with marine toilet

For private charters, you let us know what you're into and we'll craft the whole experience to best meet your wishes.ย 


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Worth Noting

  • You'll need to pay a flat fee of $189 to reserve a charter
  • Your remaining balance is due upon check-in
  • Rates in USD are per charter and donโ€™t include 5% fees
  • Pay cash or check and we'll waive 5% fees
  • Nature works in unexpected ways, please come with an open mind and enjoy whatever it brings you ๐Ÿ™‚

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