Scuba diving in San Diego by boat. As effortless as diving gets.

Set sail from the closest commercial dock to the ocean with our friendly, safety-first crew. Explore top dive sites like Wreck Alley, Point Loma, La Jolla, and the Coronado Islands with perks like our all-in-one shop, warm soup, and onboard hot shower. Whether you're avoiding shore dives or seeking a community-focused, cost-effective dive, we've got you covered.

(Freedivers and non-divers welcome!)

100% cool and helpful. These are caring professionals who know their stuff.

- Elek Bacsic

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Worth Noting

  • Rental gear items can be rented individually via online booking
  • Limit of 2 Nitrox tanks per diver
  • Divemasters stay onboard, tour guide prices vary based on group size and dive site
  • If your group has 6 people or more, private charters might be a better option for you
  •  If you don't meet the level for your desired dive site, consider joining one of our scuba classes
  • Rental gear, Nitrox tanks, and tour guides will be ready to go upon check-in, at our all-in-one location (shop, dock, and boat)

Discover San Diego scuba diving

From kelp forests, to canyons, walls, and shipwrecks; from La Jolla to Wreck Alley, Point Loma, and Coronado Islands, scuba diving San Diego has something for every diver.


Humboldt (up to 20 divers)


  • Extra-large back deck, hardtop second deck
  • Enclosed cabin and galley
  • Double soup heaters
  • Metal benches and tables
  • Low-hanging double ladders
  • Bathroom with marine toilet
  • Outside hot-water shower
  • Onboard air compressor

Well-suited for:

  • Dive shops
  • Dive clubs
  • Scientific groups
  • Military groups

Orion (up to 6 divers)


  • Extra-large back deck, open second deck
  • Fully enclosed cabin and galley
  • Soup heater/mini-fridge
  • Benches and table
  • Low-hanging ladder
  • Bathroom with marine toilet
  • Outside and inside hot-water showers
  • Bathroom with marine toilet

Well-suited for:

  • Dive classes
  • Families
  • Diving friends
  • Underwater photographers
  • Underwater videographers

"Are you sure you are a Southern California Dive Charter? So professional and easy to work with, not used to that."

- Todd Thompson

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