Scuba Diving Membership

A subscription program for devoted divers on a limited budget.

We're open for new members!

Made for hardcore divers

When your inner fish wants to dive more than what your inner pocket can afford, you know it’s time to consider joining our scuba diving membership.

Pinch Yourself


$250 Annual Fee
  • 25% off any open boat trips
  • 25% off rental gear for trips
  • 25% off Waterhorse Charters merch
  • No automatic renewal
  • 12-months from enrollment


  • Guided Shore Dives - $185 or $225
  • Nitrox Tanks - $15/tank
  • Tour Guide - $120 to $200
  • Perks for Buddies

“It's easily the best deal in town, and I love how much more diving I get to do a month!"

- Matthew Rideout
(Sea Lion Member)

Fine Print

Is it worth it?

That’s a very personal equation that involves a number of variables. To make sure the membership is a good option for you, follow the steps below:

  1. Cross-reference our schedule with your availability
  2. See when trips to your preferred dive sites are usually offered
  3. Do your math...

The membership is worth it if, during a 12-month period, you join:

  • 9 Wreck Alley trips (2 tank); or
  • 7 Wreck Alley trips (3 tank); or
  • 8 Point Loma trips (2 tank); or
  • 7 Point Loma trips (3 tank); or
  • 7 Extended trips (2 tank); or
  • 5 Coronado Islands trips (3 tank).

This is the number of trips you need to join for your discounts to be greater than your annual fee.*

*Excluding any rental gear or merchandise discounts.