Scuba Diving Promo Codes

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Apply any relevant promo codes below with 5 quick steps or click on the linked codes below to apply them directly.

DIVEGROUP10%Groups of 7+ DiversOnly on Humboldt trips, Camarão can only fit 6 divers
INDUSTRY1010%Divemasters & InstructorsMust present proof at check-in
NONTANKER2020%Snorkelers & Non-DiversRecommended only for dive sites under 60ft
SERVICE1010%Active-Duty MilitaryMust present proof at check-in
MULTIDAY15%Multiple Days of Diving3+ days for 1 diver or 2+ days for 2+ divers
STUDY1010%School/University StudentMust present proof at check-in
WHCOMBO15%Trip + Gear + Tour GuideMust rent at least 3 gear items
BIRTHDAY2525%Birthday WeekFor birthday person only, doesn't include rental gear or tour guide
NO CODEfree gear2+ Days of Rental GearBook all your trips under one reservation and only add the rental gear to the first one.

Apply the promo codes yourself by copying any of the codes above and pasting them during your online booking.


Another way to save

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