Novice Dive Charters

Great for beginners, open water classes, divers who haven't been diving for a while, and anyone looking for an easy dive. Dive sites won't exceed 60ft. They include Mexican Coronado Islands, NOSC Tower, and shallower areas of Point Loma Kelp Beds.

Novice dive charters are suited for open water certified divers or superior training with a minimum of 5 dives. Proof of certification required.


Advanced Dive Charters

Great for experienced divers and advanced classes. Dive site depths range between 60ft and 130ft. They include the shipwrecks HMCS Yukon and Ruby E., Train Wheels, Scripps Canyon, NW La Jolla, and deeper areas of Point Loma Kelp Beds.

Advanced dive charters are suited for advanced (or superior training) divers with a minimum of 25 cold water dives (65°F/18°C or less) and most recent dive being less than a year. Proof of certification required.


Tech Dive Charters

Great for serious tech certified divers. Dive site depths exceed recreational limits and require decompression planning. We accommodate longer surface intervals and lighter loads to save room for extra gear. Dive sites include USS Hogan and P38.

Tech dive charters are only suited for tech divers or equivalent training and most recent dive being less than a year. Proof of certification required.

Not part of our regular schedule - contact us to organize a trip.


Private Charters

Great option for dive shops or dive clubs with a large group of divers. You pick your dive sites based on your group skill level. If it's accessible to us and safe to you, we'll take you there!

Tanks, weights, and the most helpful crew in town are part of the package. Light food and beverages will also be provided at no extra cost.

Contact us to organize a trip that's perfect for your group's needs.


Great White Shark Cage Diving Guadalupe

Guadalupe Island cage diving is a bucket list adventure for divers of every level. Make this your year to get face to face with a great white shark. Our partner Horizon Charters “discovered” this unique location back in 2000 and has been thrilling shark divers ever since.

2020 shark cage diving dates start in late July and run until the end of November.

Cage diving trips are organized by our partner Horizon Charters.




Want to dive every weekend without having to pay for so many trips? Join our Dive Club and pay a flat fee for unlimited dives, air fills, and gear rental. Choose from monthly or annual options to fit your diving needs.