Several options from budget hotels to resorts, all close to our central location.

In the heart of the city

When deciding where to stay in San Diego, consider all the other activities you’ll be doing around the city. These are San Diego’s main tourist neighborhoods:


  • Pacific, Mission, and Ocean Beaches: 5-minute drive
  • Point Loma and Downtown: 15-minute drive
  • La Jolla: 20-minute drive


Five of the most popular San Diego resorts are within a 2.5 miles radius of our location, two of those are within walking distance. If you’re coming as a family and are looking for resort amenities, these are the options for you:




Amongst the hundreds of nearby hotel options, these are the closest, highest rated, and with more complimentary amenities. If you’re looking for more affordable alternatives, check these out:




If rentals are your preferred style of stay, these are nearby vacation rentals on Airbnb are the closest ones to our business.